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These rules are from our old friend Mister Moo, they live on here.

"Ask an OldFart" Terms of Service (TOS)

1. This thread is for serious questions and replies only, please.

2. To reply you must have a minimum TWO YEARS pipe smoking experience.

3. Only answer if you're not guessing.

4. Please keep on topic - do not banter.

5. This is a No Snob Zone.

6. "Use the search function" is not an answer in this subforum.

7. There will be no rude replies no matter how many times your silly little question has been asked. Maybe a tiny bit of sarcasm though.

All pipe and tobacco questions answered!
No question too silly, not that some of us won't laff!
All pipe and tobacco problems solved by experienced, passionate pipers!
Bring it on. Experts are standing by.
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