The Great Mylar Migration


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I was wondering what you guys would do. Obviously, the tins are sealed with very little air in them,
while most people do leave room in their jars.

I've read GL Peases information on his homepage about aging, which are very interesting indeed, but
there was never a mention on how much air/ oxygen you'd want to leave in your jar/bag.

on the other hand: I doubt anyone has ever done any long term AB tests and even if so, results
may be highly subjective due to personal taste and preference.

For my part: since the tins don't contain a lot of air, I assume that a little goes a long way... so I
vacuum seal my mylar bags the best my sealer will do.
I fill the bags completely whenever possible.
Sometimes I don't have enough of a particular blend to do so.
In those cases I do have space left over when sealing.

I do not vacuum seal.
However, I do get as much air out of the bag prior to sealing whether the bag is completely full of tobacco or not.


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Good info from @Sir Saartan and @blackmouth210. I've not been sure how much air to keep in my bags. I am also not vacuum sealing. In the beginning I was not pushing as much air out as possible, but then I took the tin approach to heart and have been trying to evacuate as much air as I can with my hands. I'll be able to tell the difference in a few years, God willing.