The Great Mylar Migration


Friendly Misanthrope


Perpetual whippersnapper
August, 2020 update: a big batch today, with a few things that have been stacking up over the last month or two.

Broadly assessed, I have now eliminated my large, long-term jar storage, and moved all open blends to Kerr half pint, wide mouth jars, which fit approximately a tin's worth of tobacco perfectly.

My "deep cellar", as I term it, is now over half mylar as compared to tins, by container count. Of course, I have some older or less reliable tins done up in mylar too.

It's not for everyone, but it's saving me quite a lot of space and weight!



Won't Curse You
Wanted to mention - when I was heat-sealing my Pleasant Grove 7mil bags, I discovered that air can be pressed out easily while they are ziplocked. So if you plan on storing them for long, you should probably heat-seal them.

Also, a normal iron is perfect and simple for 7mil bags like Pleasant Grove, but not so great for the 4mil black bags I bought on Amazon - still works, but it will melt the hell out of them if you aren't careful.