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So as a guy who likes the restoration of pipes, it's a given you're either hoarding pipes or selling some, because you need
to buy more.
Yes. I started buying estate pipes because it is cheaper than buying new ones. I started restoring them because unrestored estate pipes are generally cheaper than restored estate pipes. I started selling some of them so I can buy more. I suffer from EPAD (estate pipe acquistion disorder).


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Very nice. Love that grain. I have a theory that the kind of finish we most like - rough or smooth - indicates our personality type or the current that runs most deeply in our psyche. I wonder what a rusticated finish indicates because I like that most too. Are there any psychologists on board - or psychoanalysts?
I used to be rough and now I'm polished. I always thought I was half Polished, because my Mom was born there. But there may be something to what you say...


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I have about a dozen that are favorites and that I'd never part with.

Unfortunately, I cannot find the characteristics that cause this, and what these dozen have that the rest of my collection does not. Sure, in some cases it's obvious, but most of the time it isn't. I still don't know what makes one pipe smoke perfectly and another not so perfectly, even within the same maker.


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Man, this is a tough question and I’m not sure I know how to answer it. I personally geek out over tobacco way more than I do Pipes but I’ve definitely had a bad case of PAD a time or two. My latest is for a Castello, especially after seeing all the beautiful Castellos in the WAYS thread. Now, for that ONE pipe... I instinctively wanted to post my most expensive pipe because it’s a real looker and don’t get me wrong it’s a great smoker but I’m gonna have to go with the first real pipe that I ever bought with my hard earned money, and that is a house made pipe for Heroes & Legacies (rip). This one holds great sentimental value to me and it’s been with me since the start and always provides me with a dry, cool smoke. Here she is:

H&L house brand pipe produced by Savinelli. Got it for a whopping $40.00!