thick leather pipe rests...


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I'm kind of in the same boat...... I found the perfect one for me..... the one's with the leather wrap so often pictured in my posts...I love there being no metal to scratch my pipes or lighters when I'm carrying them... I was his first sale ,he sent me the 2 he made made and so far has made no more... he's a student so I suppose his studies must take priority... but I want more :bbaby::bbaby::bbaby::bbaby::bbaby: I may have to make a few myself if I get desperate enough

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You could always just get a piece of thick leather, cut a strip, and poke a hole in each end. I've used leather scraps and (most recently) just a safety pin.


It isn't the thickest leather, but the same thing would work with any leather. And you can put the ends together in a million different ways. Button and buttonhole, wraparound strip, buttonhole on both sides and use a fancy cufflink, stitch it closed, even the lowly safety pin like I used (and hid with an artful fold, lol...) My leather tobacco mat, my secondary tobacco mat, and several pipe holders are cut from a bag of leather scraps, which are widely available and fairly cheap. I could (and probably eventually will) make rests for all my pipes from that bag of scraps and still have more left for household projects etc.

ETA - If you go this route, make sure you measure before you cut. You need a longer strip than you think. My first attempt wouldn't hold the tiny bowl on my Grabow Duke. Got it made, was all proud of it, then tried to put a pipe in it, lol...


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Bill Carnes from Clintonville Leather has been making pipe rests for me. Long-time customer here. All of mine are in black.

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Those look great...and very solidly made.

@aGAKWq have you considered making your own?
Plenty of pipers online have made their own using basic things they had at home.
Thick quality leather is something you probably already own.
Belts that are no longer being used and straps to old leather purses seem to work perfectly.
Search a little online for a lot of good examples.


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