Things you're strangely proud of, but shouldn't be


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So, what are they? You know, off beat things, personality quirks, behaviors, or habits that would do you absolutely no good to brag about, and smile every time it happens. I have a bucket full and all of them started naturally, without me realizing until it was too late.
One of these for me was always sliding head first in baseball. The only exception was when I was breaking up a double play. As I would look around after a game I took a solemn pride in the facts that not only did I have the dirtiest uniform, but I also earned it.
Another, and this might be my crowning odd ball achievement, is that I'm pretty sure that I've pissed in every major river and tributary (and ALOT of minor ones too) in the lower 48 states. One notable exception is the Columbia, but I feel that is a wash since I've peed in 3 of the 5 Great Lakes.
OK, I know I'm weird, but am I alone?
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I have a special talent for unlocking cars with a coat hanger. I have no history as a criminal but if anyone locks their keys in their car they always call me. I saw a guy at a gas station once try to unlock his keys. I asked if he needed help and he said he had it. Half hour later he still didn’t have it so I asked again. All angry like he hands me the coat hanger and says here if you think you’re so good. First try. Guys jaw drops and he was speechless. He had a couple buddies with him who I kinda knew and they both busted out laughing.


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I know how to count cards and layed waste to my wife's company Xmas party "casino night" one year. They hired an entertainment company to do it where they only use 3 decks and you cash in chips for tickets, tickets = prizes. It wasn't even funny after a while but my wife went home with a lot of stuff.