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Russ H.

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I have heard of it before. I have always used Everclear. Years back I was told about Everclear & Acetone mixed together--this was an actual product offered at one point, and I forget the name that was branded on the bottle. My opinion is that Acetone is pretty darned harsh to be using to begin with let alone mixing it with pure grain alcohol. I would imagine this mixture would really cut the goop in a very dirty pipe. However I have never worked up the courage to try such a concoction. In the end I stick with what has worked for me.
In seeing the product I mentioned I simply got curious. A dampened pipe cleaner with Everclear has always done a superb job for me for years.


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I have no experience with it. However, most of these magical sweetening, cleaning, polishing, etc. solutions that are available seem to me to be a bunch of overpriced hogwash.

I can achieve the same or better results with products bought at a fraction of the price they are charged no for these products.

Kind of like the old saying with fishing equipment. Some of it catches more fisherman than it actually catches fish.
I have always used Everclear.
this product might just be a mixture of everclear and corn whiskey. the latter will add a subtle sweetness to your first smoke.
Nothing harmfull there.

they're talking about a "fresh" smell, which I personally attribute to the pipe
being cleaned.

I could imagine someone adding a little citric acid to get better results cleaning the pipe.
Wether or not that's a good idea, I don't know. It may depend on the finish of the pipe
and the amount of citric acid. The part that says "30% better cleaning" just
makes me think they must have added something... and easier cleaning always means
"be careful"...

In my case, I'll just stick with mixing everclear with some corn whiskey... I'd just like to know
what I'm using is what I think it is.


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I use everclear, the good stuff! Would be down for trying out the above, but this one passage gives me pause:

"During my search for a product to use in my work with pipes (and through a collaboration with a company that has been successfully producing chemical products since 1932), G. Wynne Cleaner and Sweetener was born."

"Chemical products" can mean anything, & not automatically anything bad or harsh, but I like knowing what I'm cleaning my pipes with. Nice logo design.

Russ H.

Fight The Good Fight
Yeah I kinda wondered too when I saw "Chemical Products"--what are those chemicals--food grade, or industrial strength stuff that I have no clue what it is.
Like I said--I saw this, and thought huumm--what is this. However I too will be sticking to my usual Everclear, and then when down a pipe cleaner with a little bourbon to finish the job.
I too like knowing what I'm using.