Tobacco blocking up draught hole.


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It might be the nature of the pipe, shape of the tobacco, smoking technique or packing. Technique. I know I have problems if I stir up the ash or pack too tightly.

Does this happen with all your pipes or just this specific one? If it’s just this one I would try another pipe. Honestly, there is nothing wrong with swabbing a pipe halfway thru a smoke. I do it to prevent gurgling a d reduce moisture. I find it improves the experience greatly.


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Packing a bit tighter I think would work better, and drop your draw down a little, otherwise, and I've done this, is to put a screen in the chamber.
Only draw back is the screen will get clogged after a few smokes and you'll have to pull it out and replace it or clean it.

Or only smoke large flake or another type that won't easily get pulled into the draft.


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One of my pipes (a straight billiard) after a few minutes of smoking always gets blocked up with tobacco and needs a pipe cleaner to unblock the draught hole. Does anyone know how I can prevent this from happening?
I have one pipe that does the same thing...found that by taking and basically pinching a small wad into as round as I can get it and putting it in then pipe first then normal packing around it helps...YMMV..
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I had this happen a few times, especially when there's tobacco just a touch smaller than the draft hole. It gets warm and "blooms" into the draft, either fully or partly blocking it. Nothing wrong with sending a cleaner down to clear it, but you can also use a bit of 5Brothers or other shag at the bottom of the bowl. That's my favorite way to smoke cube-cut flakes, just put in enough 5Bros to cover the draft and fill the rest of the way with cube cut. Maybe a bit of it on top as well to make lighting easy. You also will know when you're approaching the bottom, as even if the 5Bros doesn't completely burn you'll notice it in the flavor when the cubes on the bottom heat up.
I have a pipe that has a similar affliction, and what I find sometimes helps is to pack the pipe with a pipe cleaner in place already. This creates a little pocket in the bowl for the leaf to fall into. Be careful when you tamp though.
That's what I do with my pipes when smoking a shag cut tobacco. For some reason (Okay, I'm packing too tightly) the draw is too tight if I don't insert a pipe cleaner before filling the bowl.


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Does the chamber narrow at the base where the draught hole is?
I have several pipes that have a tapered chamber, these tend to compress the tobacco at the draught hole a little more when loading the pipe than my other pipes. Just a thought.