Tobaccos with strong nic-Suggestions?


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Supposedly picayune has been discontinued. I was able to score a few lbs a couple weeks ago though.
I certainly can't find it anywhere. Someone in another thread said there's been a change of ownership at D&R, which would explain why you can only get the 1lb bags from them now, and why about half of their blends are gone, including Picayune.

It's sad because those tins were such a nice deal, and the tobacco was good honest stuff. Not to mention, Picayune is the strongeststrongest tobacco I've ever smoked. It might be because the shag cut makes (made😭) it burn fast though.
As for strong tobacco, GH's BFU and Brown ropes (including Brown Bogie) are pretty strong. For whatever reason, the unscented ones seem stronger to me. Their Dark Flakes are strong as well, though I prefer the brown ones.