Today’s Cigar 2020

Neighbor looks like he's throwing a party and playing annoying music. Thankfully the cigar is great. View attachment 62775
Good time to fire up your smoker / grill and a strong fan. Usually reminds them they have neighbors to be considerate of.

Started the day with an AVO XO Preludio at sunrise.
Followed that up with a Cuban Bespoke farm rolled Shagfoot Robusto. Three years rest has really brought these around nicely. I’ll try to let them rest another year. Great burn, sweet rich flavors. Not much Cuban spices, but still a very nice cigar.


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That line has been consistently good for a number of years. Surprising for what’s considered a “boutique cigar”. I enjoy the Honey and Hand grenades when available.
I still have a few of the Honey and Hand Grenades left, they're great smokes. They have a few misses but a lot of their limited editions are great. The Zombie Farmer Bill is awesome.
It’s a nice day out so I went for a drive with a cigar. It’s much larger than I tend to favor, but I love the blend and the local shop still amazingly somehow has some of the aluminum tubes lonsdales in stock (I think they don’t make that shape anymore)
Carlos Torano - Casa Torano. Fantastic smoke but I’d prefer a corona or petite corona if they’d make them. They did used to make a corona shape but it was always the toughest one to find and I don’t think I’ve had one. So the lonsdales are my favorites, toro or Churchill next up. The robusto is larger than a 50 ring gauge so I don’t smoke them.