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Today's Cigar 2019


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Been in a lousy mood the past two days. But it's a nice, if chilly, day outside, so I put on and extra shirt and I'm out enjoying a La Aurora Palma Extra. I had been thinking of smoking a Principes Master, but I decided I wanted something nicer. These cigars are fantastic, I'll be sad when I run out.


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We did the big hooohah Mother’s Day brunch with my Mom and Wife earlier in the day so my family walked over to a local Mexican restaurant which is my wife’s favorite food. On the way back I had a first taste of this EP Carillo Short Run NWC 2012. I bought the box very close to when my son was born and somehow it ended up under a whole lot of boxes that were already opened.

Anyhow I remember being excited about these and they are good! This is just under medium strength and solid medium in flavor. Bright flavors for a cigar and a sweetness on the retrohale and the tip of your tongue. Smoking great right now anymore age has to take something away. If your in the Bay Area look me up and come smoke one of these. I’ve got bourbon... just sayin...



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@K Williams Never had any of the surrogates but always wanted to give them a go. The names are hilarious if you know the cigar they are making fun of. I’ve bought a lot of my Tatuaje sticks from Dan over the years.

Dinner at Moms house this evening so I’m catching up on some work via the iPad in her back yard while my son runs around like a wild animal. Perfect time for a cigar! CoRo 2014.

Smoking good but I’m not going to run out and buy another 5 boxes based on this example. Sweet smokes guys!



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Watching my son shoot some hoops and strolling around this very overcast and windy Wednesday afternoon. Decided while I was outside I might as well have a cigar. Why not try something new to boot. I bought this stick from my local a year or two ago when the line came out (says 2016 on the band so maybe 3 not sure) and honestly it’s not a winner for me. Good cigar if your looking at construction. Medium to full flavor. Medium strength. Burn is not so great. Slightly bitter flavor (think liga) with no sweetness or earthiness to offset. Keeps building in bitterness to the point of gross so I pitched it (see pic). I usually smoke cigars down to the nub but this was unpalatable to me. This one is not for me




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I just received my Mystery 5 pack from Cigars International. I got a 5 pack of 92 rated Nicaraguan Criollo wrapped Ligero-N torpedos. I'll have with Scotch tonight. I have nothing to go on; and only ever smoked a box of La Aroma de Cuba Robusto. No Banding or any brand name. They maybe seconds.
I'm unsure of the brand, but What a smoke. Bold, but smooth. low on the bite. I could get to like these cigars. Wish I knew what to order next time.