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Damn Bob.... I’m almost ashamed to be posting my lowly Punch Elite. Lol.

These sticks are a long time fave whilst out and about. View attachment 43100
A good cigar is a good cigar!

I'm smoking a La Aurora Palma Extra cut short. A Palma Shorter?

I wanted to smoke a La Aurora and the very narrow ring gauge is great by me but I was more in the mood for a shorter cigar than the Palma Extra. Of course I could just not smoke the whole thing, but a panatela/lancero smokes differently than a petite corona, and the biggest difference lies in the beginning of the smoke. Cutting it shorter gives me the kind of cigar I'm in the mood for, and if I enjoy it more on this occasion then I don't think I was wasting anything. Besides, I'll keep that chunk I cut off the end and see how it does mixed with an English blend or something just for kicks.

Anyway, after cutting a good bit off the end I measured what was left, and it came in just about exactly at 5 1/4", so this is now a nice little 5 1/4 x 36 cigar, just about the perfect size for me for most occasions, though I like the longer smokes, too. This is the first time I did this with one of these, but it's working out even better than I'd hoped. Good smoke. I wish all the blends I liked came in a shape around this size. I'd settle for just a few, even. Oh, well. 5 x 38 is pretty close and there are a good few of those out there!
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