Today's Cigar 2019


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I can’t recall one that big either. I know it wasn’t there when I left work yesterday. He’s got to be deep into rut now.....and perhaps a wee bit frustrated. 😉
Sounds about right. Ruts in full swing out here in lower MI. Some absolute monsters being taken this year. Makes me wanna hang up the shotgun and waders and grab the bow. Maybe I'll just join your crew and set up shop out there on the side of the road 🤣


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Well, the weather is going all stupid and chilly on me, which means it's about time to clear out the remaining stragglers in the humidor*. Smoked one of my last four full-sized Latin American type cigars just now, the second-from-last La Aurora Palma Extra. Went for a few relaxing drives around the reservoir while smoking and listening to the classical station. Now's about time for the morning shower. Figured that could wait until after smoking.

It was a really nice hour of tasty smoke and music.

*plastic food storage container with a nearly dead Boveda pack