Today's Cigar 2021


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It's Saturday, and this is typically a Sunday tradition for me, but I'm in a hotel room and have the day off and tomorrow will be a busy day so it got moved, having an 1876 Maduro in the Churchill size, drinking a cup of Darjeeling and a Miller lite while binging on college basketball games which I haven't done in years, this has considerably improved my mood and I am thinking a bit of a play on the Fender parlor might complete the cure.

These cigars have been my weekly custom for probably 4 years now, and I really like them, I think that I might have to look into a proper humidor of somewhere between 100 and 200 capacity so I can add a few different options for aging, my 50 count job is poor quality, and wants more looking after than I can really give it, given the long absences I have from home, anybody got any suggestions for a quality humidor that is ideally around 125 or 150 count capacity?