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Top Five WORST Blends

Russ H.

Patron-Fight The Good Fight
Tamabolaka alone makes me want to puke. I can't imagine mixing it with perique and latakia. So... how many pounds of Godless Swine did you smoke?
The stuff I had was a small sample sent to me. What I remember was there was enough for several pipe fulls. I do remember VERY clearly that just sipping at it in a cob I immediately became dizzy, and it took everything to keep from throwing up. Little by little I sipped, and it the flavor was like what wet grass, and heavy smoke form such a grass fire smells. I did not want to admit this, but I didn't finish the bowl, and dumped the rest of what was left in my driveway.
This stuff was the most powerful stuff I ever lit on fire in a pipe. I have tried OJK, and some ropes, and such that is way too much for me, but the garbage I speak of is, was, and remains an idea that should not be repeated--unless you really want to, but I am warning you--for me I don't know whether it was nicotine, or what, but it put me down like a left hook to the head.