Sold! Triple B - Bent, Blasted, Billiard


That'll do, Pig.
Getting to the last :( of the 20 year old Italian stuff I got from the Norse Horse (he gives me first crack at old briar if I call him that). This is a nice lumpy sandblast, finished dark and a coat of oil on top, so it's not super shiny. Ebonite to complete the "wow is that pipe from 1920?" appeal.

42 grams, 5 3/4" from chin to button, 3/4 by about 1 1/2" chamber, not a big pipe at all in either capacity or presentation.



275.00 USD all in, and all proceeds go to feeding Rescue Dogs, or rather Rescue Dog, or rather Rocco.


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One week later and it's burning its first bowl of Old Joe Krantz. This pipe is something else. Just the right size, I'd put it at a group 4, and so light I barely notice it hanging. Sips and billows equally well, and the flavor of this old Italian briar compliments the nuttiness of the burley just right. Spot-on shaping with some nice muscle, and the blast could pass for an early patent Dunhill. I dig it, thanks Todd!