True pipe smokers

Every evening I fill 6-7 different pipes with several different blends, just waiting for tomorrow. The pipes vary from small to large. The pipe rotation changes constantly. The next day I light one off and enjoy. As the day progresses, I go from one to another. The overnight stay has dried the tobacco out to the point where it lights perfectly, and I continue throughout the day on my quest of enjoyment. This has been my routine for quit a while. It seems like it works for me. I have done this for many years and it works for me.


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I have two pipes at bedside: my night-night pipe and my morning pipe. They each get filled from one of the two jars that also sit bedside, and they both get filled at bedtime. The pipe rest is a pink kiddies cup that got left in the yard five or six years ago, which doubles as a caddy for pipe cleaners.
Also bedside are a Czech tool, a snuff spoon, and too many snuffs, along with matches and a lighter I keep handy for my gal's menthols. Ok, I confess that sometimes I get lazy and use the lighter for my night-night relights, but only after my gal's a-snoring.
As for the too many snuffs: the kittens love the little eight-gram tubes, but I like keeping the labels on 'em so as to avoid a situation I call "snuff roulette". I must therefore collect any small tubes that have found their way to various points around the house at the close of each day. The kittens also love pipe cleaners, so any half-used cleaners must also be secured as I turn out the lights and check the doors and windows.
It has been my habit to keep pipes and tobacco situated near "my" spot in the living room, at my workbench, at the corner of the dining room where I fiddle with small things, and in my gal's van. Recently my gal decided to reorganize "my" end table and put all of my pipes in the opposite corner of the room so as to create a pipe "area" that includes most of my pipes and all the tobacco she knows about that doesn't fit on the bottom shelf of "my" table. Now, should I desire a pipe, I must stand up and walk across the living room to select a pipe.
It goes without saying that cigars are located in the humidor in the dining room. Cigars are not to be smoked in the living room; cigars are for the dining room, or outside.
My pipes are tolerated indoors. The youngest of the family dislikes latakia so I try to smoke some, near her, daily.