For Sale TWO New RDPipes (8/19/20) One SOLD!


Mental Illness is a Terrible thing to Waste!
Due to technical difficulties, including but, not limited to my brain function the Long Pot was taken down and put back up including better photos of it.
Thank you for your patience and understanding. Also price has changed on the Author.

And thank you Gentlemen! LiftHat.gif


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You do realize I was just joshing Right?
Of course and I was counting on the literalist humor with which you responded.

But, I am serious. I really enjoy everything you produce. It's practically pipe porn. (Can I say that here?) And I will own one sooner or later. Your Author is really calling me (writing to me?), but I think I want to hold out for a Rhodesian. Heck, maybe I'll commission something. I dunno. I can be a bit impulsive sometimes and am trying hard to curb that.