For Sale TWO New RDPipes (8/19/20) One SOLD!


Mental Illness is a Terrible thing to Waste!
Of course and I was counting on the literalist humor with which you responded.

But, I am serious. I really enjoy everything you produce. It's practically pipe porn. (Can I say that here?) And I will own one sooner or later. Your Author is really calling me (writing to me?), but I think I want to hold out for a Rhodesian. Heck, maybe I'll commission something. I dunno. I can be a bit impulsive sometimes and am trying hard to curb that.
Well that is some compliment sir, and I thank you very much. LiftHat.gif And I was planning on doing a Rhody and or a Bulldog again fairly soon ta boot.
And if your not ready when I do I can always make another when you are.