UK Carter Hall source?


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This is a bit puzzling to me, as certain British blends like Germain's are finely cut shags. Much finer than CH. But I'm guessing they get a pass for being 100+ years old. Then again, I don't claim to understand EU regulations on tobacco, and perhaps the UK has its own separate regulatory regime.
Every EU country has its own rules about tobacco import/export and tax.

It's a great big hairball.


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I can think of better ones to covet like Chatham manor
I dare say. I've been seeing this mentioned on forums since I started this pipe game so am curious.

You may be unaware of the fact that all major online retailers don't allow anyone from the european union
to log on to their websites, due to the latest changes in online regulation by the eu. That means I can't order
from the usa because I can't even access the sites, let alone contact anyone who's willing to ship to germany.
That's curious too.
I ordered baccy from The Storytellers Pipe for delivery to the states not long ago as my part of a trade.
I'd not order tobacco from America otherwise as I'm sure the import tax would be crazy if it even got that far.

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Germany is a great member of the EU. It's a common market, but if you really want to do e-commerce in the EU you have to host your servers in Germany unless you can afford the kind of engineers who know how to horizontally shard SQL by locale.

Germany's protectionist laws about data privacy, which are about luring more jobs to Germany versus data privacy, are the reason why Germany is blocked on so many US web sites.

Those web sites also don't have the money to recruit high tech people (vs IT people) to deal with German and even EU law.

Data is data and in the modern cloud world it's all encrypted and sharded in AWS, Azure, GCP, etc. They should certify what is okay versus where it should be geographically.
Sure! Okay. Was geht?