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Sold! Unsmoked Briarworks C22: bigtime birdseye


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Up for sale is an unsmoked smooth Briarworks C22, a taper shanked billiard and their newest shape. I knew I shouldn’t have bought this because I generally prefer a longer stem and this one falls into the medium stubby category. I bought it anyway because of the stunning birseye grain. Now I’m thinking it should go to someone who will actually smoke and enjoy it. The pipe is 5 1/16” long by 2 1/16” high with a 13/16” bore. Unsmoked, no issues, nice open draw, and a thin and comfortable bit. It weighs 44g. Price is $120 which is $20 below the smokingpipes.com price, shipping included for the US. I’m willing to work something out for an international buyer. 58F0531E-EAC3-4ACE-A775-E0BCF6B178D3.jpeg F153A819-1942-4995-B2F6-EC79630176FC.jpeg E9269BA4-F046-4D06-A478-E92E3D0D328C.jpeg 0572874C-D4AE-48C8-B7F4-F368FA52C44F.jpeg 92934480-FC10-4EAE-9D8A-D517E03E382A.jpeg 0BC3D9E3-2650-4A3F-A0C5-EC19D097077F.jpeg