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We market them as "Crumble Flakes". They are thinner and easier to rub out than thicker "Krumble Kakes" and don't produce so much dust. And we strive to keep the moisture level down.

And you are wrong. We have plenty of "True Flakes". Many are former employees and some are customers...
But are they for sale?


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From my perspective, Ernie is the best boutique blender in North America. Suffice to say, if he blends it, it is worth trying. My favorites would be Quint’s Own, 558 and Old Black Magic.
I've been smoking the crap out of OBM for the last 6 months or so. Probably 3 bowls of it for every 1 bowl of something else... at least until the PSD TOY testing started. Excellent tobacco!
Old Dominion is our "standard" VA/Per. 558 is a darker, sweeter VA/Per with a portion of Matured Virginia.
Terrapin Station would fit the bill for an English. Watch City Slice for the Burley. Just stay away from Simply definitely don't want any of that. Even if it was readily available.....
Uh-huh...sure....whatever you say...
I saw that big drum of Simply Red you posted on IG yesterday. It's almost there isn't it!?!

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I’ve been smoking WC Slices, 558, and Deluxe Crumb Cut since ordering a week or so ago. Definitely will order more in greater quantity. I’ve missed out thus far on Simply Red, OTR, and Rhythm and Blues, but hopefully I can snag some next time.
You can scratch Off the Rails from your list -- unless you can get some from another member. It was a one-time deal. But, it's worth keeping an eye out for Simply Red and Rhythm and Blues.