Watch City Cigars - Stubb's Pipe


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Description: In Moby Dick, The Pequod's second mate, Stubb, is a pipe-smoking Cape-Cod man, good tempered and "neither craven or valiant." A perfect description for this blend of our Crumb Cut Burley, light, sweet Carolina Flake, and just a touch of Virginia and Green River black. A very light unique aromatic is used and carried by a small measure of ship's rum. Delicious, cool, naturally fragrant and mild.

Tin Aroma: Mild cocoa smell

Taste: This is my 2nd bowl in a Savinelli 305. What initially stands out is the mouth feel of heavy smoke without being overpowering. The cocoa and rum are there but more as an accent to the burley with has a nice nutty taste. The red Virginia adds a nice sweetness. It is a pleasant mild smoke, perfect with coffee. The room note is pleasant, not overly sweet.

Smokability: Easy to light, keeps lit. No need to dry, moist but not wet.

Room Note: Not overly sweet but very pleasant.

Thoughts: In a briar, this a is strong meh (+/- on my scale) - however, if you throw this into a cob, it sweetens up, and gives off more of the few flavors this tobacco offers.

Summary: Nice burley blend, mild, pleasant. Can be an all day smoke.

My Background: Cigar smoker since ‘91 and gravitated to strong cigars in ‘93. Cigar boom ‘97 hit and moved to pipe and cigars through 2004. Pipe first loves were Dunhill London Mixture, Nightcap, Frog Morton and Frog Morton on the Town. After going back to strong cigars I picked up the pipe again in 2007 and smoked more Virginia/Perique blends and Virginia/Burley blends. Back to cigars for 3 years and strong cigars killed my tastes buds and started smoking milder cigars such as Viaje, Crown Heads and Warped Corto’s. Went full time back to pipe in 2018 with Virginia/Perique and Virginia/Burley and discovered my love of straight Virginia’s. On a whim I discovered higher quality aromatics from The Country Squire and Boswell’s and added those into the routine during the winter months.

Rating: +++

Rating system (interpreted thought the works of the Velvet Underground):

(+++++) Couldn't be better (Sweet Jane)

(++++) Great (Stephanie Says)

(+++) Very good (Rock and Roll)

(++)Good (Sunday Morning)

(+) I think like it (Pale Blue Eyes)

(+/-) I both like and dislike this (Heroin)

(-) I think I dislike this (Femme Fatale)

(--)This is not for me (I'll Be Your Mirror)

(---)I don't see how anyone could enjoy this (Black Angel's Death Song)

(----)This is suffering (The Gift)

(-----)This is an insult to my existence (Sister Ray)


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I'll have to try it, just based on your rating system. I see you neglected two ratings: "Lonesome Cowboy Bill" must be off the charts bad. "I'm Waiting for the Man" must be off the charts good.


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Great review. I picked up a few ounces with my last WC order. Having smoked only one bowl, I’ve not formed a solid opinion. I would say the experience was pleasant and I’m going back for more. I’m thinking that Ernie does burley pretty well!