What’s your most expensive pipe?


Ridin' with the viking.

Right? Mum's the word.


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I agonized over the $225 Michael Addis plateau Dublin in 2020 that he was selling off during his 10 year celebration of making pipes when he announced he was getting out of pipe making. I knew I wanted it right away, but waited until the last minute to buy it; I was surprised someone else didn't snap it up.

When @Sasquatch posted the BST Boring Billiard on the right, I snapped it right up for $275, the highest I've paid for a pipe.



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Nice! Post pics when you get it. I enjoy seeing his work. I have a BST lovat on the way with a few dunhill-esk touches. I can't wait until it's done!(Todd if you are reading this I really can wait take your time, no rush!)

That Canadian is my favorite of my favorite shape, he did a great job on that one. That one is about 5 years old I think and it's really getting a nice patina.


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For my first 5 years smoking a pipe, I has a $250 threshold. I went to the Chicago pipe show and saw a Rad Davis acorn I could live without and paid $400. I didn’t think I would ever buy another pipe that pricey, and a couple of things happened.

My wife received a $300 gift card from work for doing a great job on a project. I teased her and asked what she was going to buy me and got the, “I earned this gift card, I’m spending it!” She said it in a playful tone, but meant it.

Where I work, hourly employees often get gift cards for contests, projects, etc., but salaried employees, never in the years I’d been there. Three years ago, I received a FedEx from corporate with a gift card for $2,500 for helping on a project that saved the company a bunch of money. So, I’d admired Lasse Skovgaard egg shaped pipes for a couple of years, but could never bring myself to spend $800 - $1k to get one. On top of that, all the ones I saw were always instantly sold. I reached out to Lasse and asked if he would commission one of his eggs for me, and he said, he didn’t do commission work. I was bummed, but a couple weeks later, he sent me pictures of a gorgeous egg with moose antler shank extension and said, he just happened to make one in a group of 12 pipes he made and asked if I wanted it. I paid the $750 and shipping from Denmark without a thought using the gift card.

A week later the box arrived, and I had the funniest conversation with my wife. She picked up the mail that day and asked, What is this box from Denmark? I had her open it and when she saw the pipe, her eyes bulged. “That looks really expensive! How much was it!?” I told her it was $750 plus shipping, and her jaw dropped. Of course she’s our family accountant too, so asked if I used a debit card - No. Credit card? No. Savings withdrawal and wire the money? Nope…. How? Me: I used a gift card from work. Her: How much was the gift card? Me: $2,500. More eye bulging from her. 😂 Her: Do I get anything? My reply, “I earned this gift card, I’m spending it!” The memory of her statement flashed across her eyes.

Yes, I took her shopping the next day. I also bought some tobacco for the cellar.

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Well, you see, there's where you made your mistake. To her question you should have replied, "It was a steal at seven fifty..." and have let her make the assumption as to where the decimal point was positioned. :) Be sure to follow me for more marital advice.
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I love my BST Oom Paul. You’re gonna love it when you get it. Mine is in the bag for our Boswell meet up this weekend

One of the first briar pipes I ever
owned is a medium size Jobey Oom Paul that was gifted to me by a good friend years ago. (Sadly he’s passed away.) I’ve liked Oom Pauls ever since, and own several factory & small workshop versions.
I’d been thinking about commissioning a artisan Oom Paul for several years now. And the name that kept coming up for that design is Todd.
I’m really looking forward to getting this pipe ! 😊

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