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What Are You Smoking?, April 2019.

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As @WalkinStick said, think of sniffing a flower. A great cheat is, with a pinch at the ready, breathe in through your nose as deeply as possible...even deeper now!...then sniff the pinch; it's almost impossible to take it too deeply doing that. It will become second nature soon enough.

Finishing the day with the only blend I've been smoking: Newminster Slices, in a Stanwell 63.
How long should it take to get a small snoot full? I assume (we all know where that leads) that it should only take a second to get a nose full so when that dont happen I sniff little harder and BAM!! Straight to the sinus.


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@HDXR. I feel your pain, man. I've got twenty-something pieces of titanium keeping my back together and the pain some days still has me useless. Feel better soon.

@horse. Sorry about your friend, as well as your shoulder. But experiences like yours are exactly what keeps me from trying snuff, no matter how curious I am.

On topic: Ennerdale (thanks to @3 Olives ) in a dedicated MM Legend. I'm so glad I decided tongive this stuff a second chance!
Ice water to pair after this busy day.


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Reloaded the Legend with more Pegasus, repairs taking longer than I had hoped. @horse if you've never tried, get a bit of snuff on the pad of your thumb, bring it up to the nostril, then seal that nostril over top of it on your thumb, and breathe through the other one, should give you a starting point to know what it should feel like.


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Did some snacking, and am a third of the way through this bowl of Edgeworth Ready Rubbed Match in a late '80s, early 90s small bend medium brown smooth, unbranded Nording pot with a couple small rusticated spots, an amber colored acrylic ferrule and tapered stem in the military mount style.
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