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What Are You Smoking?, April 2019.


lonesome on'ry and mean
As @WalkinStick said, think of sniffing a flower. A great cheat is, with a pinch at the ready, breathe in through your nose as deeply as possible...even deeper now!...then sniff the pinch; it's almost impossible to take it too deeply doing that. It will become second nature soon enough.

Finishing the day with the only blend I've been smoking: Newminster Slices, in a Stanwell 63.
How long should it take to get a small snoot full? I assume (we all know where that leads) that it should only take a second to get a nose full so when that dont happen I sniff little harder and BAM!! Straight to the sinus.
@HDXR. I feel your pain, man. I've got twenty-something pieces of titanium keeping my back together and the pain some days still has me useless. Feel better soon.

@horse. Sorry about your friend, as well as your shoulder. But experiences like yours are exactly what keeps me from trying snuff, no matter how curious I am.

On topic: Ennerdale (thanks to @3 Olives ) in a dedicated MM Legend. I'm so glad I decided tongive this stuff a second chance!
Ice water to pair after this busy day.