What Are You Smoking, August 2019?


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Relaxing after a tasty country fried steak and mashed potatoes lunch with a bowl of Watch City VaPer Test Sample #3 in a 2003 medium bent straight grain military mount Two dot 2 P. Ardor Venere Extra Bucaneve signed by Dorelio Rovera with a silver ferrule and a black acrylic stem. Ice water and bergs is my drink. Watching the Red Sox-Indians game.
Welcome back, @Sonarman and
@quicklime (quicktime)! Good
to have you both back in the
fold. :beerchug:

Condor ready rubbed (none of
that Polish rubbish here) in a
rustic pot bowl. Had a couple
nips of Scotland’s finest, but
not enough to do damage.
Happy tamping to all.
Hey, thanks Snake! Humidity is going down and the pipes have come out!