What Are You Smoking, August 2020?


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Thought I could sleep in this morning. No such luck....

Been chugging away on cobs of All Things Being Equal and one bowl of Pebble Castle. Went to get feed and alfalfa, then went looking for more canning jars lids. I've got plenty of glass and rings, but short on lids. While looking at the empty shelves with some old hens complaining, one saying she drove two hours to get to Ava only to find out that the same state of affairs were here as well. Another gal said she couldn't find them in stock online... :shakehead:

Looks like I may end up freezing and dehydrating some of my garden until lids come back.
I decided to aid you on your quest for lids! 1596309826656.gif
Now time for a pipe! I believe only my English pipes are clean. My very neglected English pipes... Lancer slices should work fine.