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What Are You Smoking?, February 2019.

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Two to post, both actually in January but I don't want to bump the wrong WAYS to the top. Tuesday's midday bowl was Crowley's Best in the Old England 59. Wednesday, I didn't get a bowl in, as I had been up since about 6 am and didn't get a chance to smoke until about 9:30 pm, and by then I was just too tired. Too tired to walk down to the garden, sit down, and smoke a pipe. Sounds crazy, but I had spent the entire day with a very active (and off and on very cranky, as she just had a major growth spurt) 4-year-old. Made up for it Thursday with a bowl of Haunted Bookshop in the Cobbit Gentleman. Looking forward to a bowl later this morning, not sure what I'll smoke but it will pretty much definitely be in the Old England.


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Hello all, the night shift at my depot has been stood down due to the snow further south so my weekend starts today :thumbsup:

We had a dusting of snow earlier but it's cleared up now

Just finished some GH Rotherdale Mix (50/50 Bosun & Coniston SCP's) in a straight Falcon with a standard Algiers bowl :sf1:
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