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What Are You Smoking?, February 2019.

Ozark Wizard

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Well I ain’t smoking this!
Luckily I rubbed out the ‘97 CC.
Should I contact Mike and ask for a replacement tin?

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Hair? Holy cow! That would have been a nasty bit of business!

SG Scottish Autumn in an Osage Orange warden. Got the wood stove in the barn going nicely, and it's not going to be freezing tonight, so I can sleep through the night!


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Three to post, as usual. Friday's midday bowl was Irish Flake in the bent apple Diplomat. Saturday night's bowl was Pegasus, also in the bent apple Diplomat. Hadn't realized that I'd smoked that one back to back until just now. Did I mention it's been busy, lol... Anyway, Sunday's midday bowl was SPC Potlatch in the Dr. Grabow Royal Duke straight bulldog.