What Are You Smoking, February 2021?

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Well, the bloke that wanted my help today apparently had enjoyed a bit of excessive "shore leave" yesterday. Wants to play tomorrow. So, shuffled my life a bit and did what I planned to do tomorrow today. I've been doing my gig with the twisted Falcon and a sandwich bag of PS LBF in the pocket whilst doiting around. Lunch, then a Voodoo Ranger IPA to pair. I saw bees around today. They are a bit premature to be flying about.


There is no spoon.
The first non-Lakeland this pipe has seen: KBV Artifact in a copper military mount J Everett billiard with strawberry swirl German ebonite stem. I deemed it sufficiently saucy but I think that cherry topping I was tasting has mostly flashed off after sitting in Mylar for over a year. Idk guys, I think stuff in a jar might taste better...
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