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What Are You Smoking January 2019

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Wyrd bið ful aræd.
I've been away from The Den for a while in the wake of losing my best buddy, my Oriental-American cat Lucy - the most incredibly un-cat-like and sweet pet I ever had or knew. She died suddenly Wednesday morning. I just finished making a grave for her in my garden.
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Lucy was my boon companion; more dog-like than feline. Save for a few rare times, we spent every day of the past two years together. Lucy loved the smell of flakes being rubbed up, and she'd tolerate more second-hand pipe smoke than any non-smoker I know. She'd often come sit on my lap while I smoked; nearly as much a part of my smoking ritual as my accoutrements are.

Now I know this isn't a support forum for grieving animal lovers, so I'm smoking Capstan Blue Flake in my BriarWorks Rhodesian, with an empty lap.

I wish you all pleasant puffing.

So sorry to hear of Lucy's passing. It's damn tough to lose a furry family member, and I feel your pain. Nothing beats the quiet companionship they offer us. Wishing you all the best as you deal with the loss. She looks and sounds like she was a great kitty.


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Having another cup of dark roast and more Sir Walter Raleigh, this time in my Falcon with the Hunter Dover bowl. I really like my Falcon pipes and they were sorely missed for the past couple of years (out of sight, out of mind) while in storage from a couple of job related out of state moves, now all my other pipes have been cleaned and stored away as I settle in and settle down with my Falcon pipes. Life is good! Pipe smoking excellent!


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Been away from the forum for a while due to several events, medical and non-medical combined. I opened the forum today and scanned the What's New tab seeing the POY thread to which I gravitated. I was laughing so hard reading the thread, woke people up in the neighborhood ! Funny people posting funny remarks makes for a fun and enjoyable read. OK, enough pats on the back for you guys.

ON TOPIC: MacBaren Mixture modern in a Stanwell Apple 182 shape, Irish Black Tea alongside.
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