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What Are You Smoking January 2019

Mr Dude

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Good morning friends. I’m finishing off a bowl of Peterson Irish Whiskey, black coffee alongside. Winter is finally showing it’s unpleasant side. With cold temps over most of this past week, and anywhere between 2-5 inches of snow predicted today, it’s our first taste. Thus far we have been unseasonably warm here in Ohio.
I will likely be carrying a casket through the snow today. Mrs. Dude’s Granddad passed earlier this week. He was 98, and had a rich full life. He had been in a nursing home for the last year plus, and went peacefully with his 3 remaining sons by his side. A very interesting fellow, he will be missed.


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Good morning all. Some aged (2 years in the cellar) CM in a 20-buck Stanny with Irish Black tea alongside. Watching the news and weather. Looks like winter has announced itself in the mideast and later today in the east. 76 degrees as a high forecast in central Florida today. This aged CM is much better than fresh CM,