What Are You Smoking, January 2020?

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A delayed reporting...
Has a very pleasant meet and smoke with @millarddj last night at 8 to 8 Cigars in Villa Park. He was kind enough to insist on buying me a tin, so I chose Brunello flake. We were going to open the tin and get to it, but the fine gentleman working there dug into his personal stash and gave us each a flake of Brunello to try instead of cracking the tin! I waxed poetic on a stick that I had previously had, and as luck would have it... they had ONE left in a back room humidor storage. So... I got it for Dan. And Sutliff bombed him too.... :bigyellowgrin:
So, started the night with a blend that I picked up at a previous meeting that one of our club members was handing out. Forgot the name of it, but I think it may end up in my neighbor's compost pile... the contents sounded right up my alley, but it had already lived it's life.
Dumped that and went to the Brunello flake in a Baki. VERY nice stuff! Glad I have a tin, and can see cellaring this in the future.
Finished the night with a bowl of GH Balkan mixture in another Baki… another great smoke! I think I turned Dan a mild shade of green with that though... ;)


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Part way through this bowl of Ken Byron Ventures Verge Engine Overdrive in a 2018 smooth straight flame grain Basil Meadows Merchant Service "Bing" replica with an aluminum band and black ebonite stem. Editing a few old reviews as I watch the worst baseball movie ever: The Babe Ruth Story. That movie is more inaccurate than a politician's speech.


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BCF in a cheap Medico Varsity Dublin (real briar, not Brylon) with a vulcanite stem. Been a long time since I've had this blend or used this pipe. On this cloudy and chilly New England day, BCF is a nice companion for the ride into town. 20180201_114351_HDR.jpg
Although I prefer acrylic stems, this long and skinny Dublin makes a great travel pipe, and its super light weight makes it a comfy clencher. Regardless, it was certainly a bargain at $31.00!


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My morning started off with a new-to-me blend, HU Joschi’s Oriental Sunrise.
I put it through it’s paces in a 2006 Tinsky TanBlast Christmas Pipe, a fantastic 6-panel blasted apple.
This Joschi’s is so nice!
First impressions give me the thoughts of a good apple pie, but listings show no topping.
Intriguing, I like it!!

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