What Are You Smoking, January 2021?

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There’s a certain madness to my methods.
Happy New Year!
I’m starting off the first of the new year right! Just bought a saweet Kaywoodie and my first smoke of the year is some 2017 dated Mac Baren Plumcake in my Stefano Santambrogio handmade my brother got me a couple Christmas’ ago. Hot coffee to drink! image.jpg
I'm starting off the new year by opening a tin of year 2001 VaPer Three Nuns in a 1980s White Pipe straight lattice apple meerschaum with an acrylic yellow cream colored saddle stem. Happy New Year, everybody!
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oh boy! I bet THAT tastes wonderful! I’ve yet to try any three nuns baccy, I’ll have to grab some on my next order.
happy smokes for the new year!
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