What Are You Smoking, July 2021?


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I guess I can try adding a little of each to a Virginia and see what happend
I'm a relatively new pipe smoker and I wanted to do exactly what your doing so that I new what each tobacco tasted like. I have probably 25 different blends and what I'm finding is that my palette is changing. As I revisit some of the stuff I tried at first I'm finding that I like them now more. I'm sure some of that is my loading, packing, tamping, smoking technique is improving. I'm also getting better with what smokes well in which pipe. I have a blend that's heavy on the Perique and I can't smoke it, my mouth goes numb. I swore off Perique until I found a blend that was suitable to me and now I can taste it and enjoy what it brings to the blend. Just my 2 cents, probably not worth that!


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Did a little snacking, and am a third of the way through this bowl of Watch City Simply VOriental in a straight smooth medium brown 1930s Wilshire 5 bulldog (Comoy’s second) made for John’s Pipe Shop in Los Angeles with a black vulcanite saddle stem. Community Coffee, neat, is my drink.
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