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What Are You Smoking, March 2019


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These were all February smokes, but my one-night-on-two-days-off schedule does this every time. Probably doesn't really matter...
Tuesday midday was Crowley's Best in the bent apple Diplomat. I think. It's been a busy couple days. Wednesday was all snuff. Thursday midday was Haunted Bookshop in the Old England 59. That one I'm sure about.


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Some Lane BLWB, this stuff is alright by me. Love the cocoa aroma, very smooth but still has some Burley character.

Then jumped to some Amphora Original, I liked this stuff at first but now it seems to have gotten too mild, it's like smoking steam. I know it's an all day kind of thing, but really not much to it anymore. I noticed the same with Amphora Virgina, I want to like it just not enough to it. Too mild, almlst flavorless.