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What Are You Smoking, March 2019

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St Bruno rr in a mm cob. Packing up to abandon our house for about a week while a near record river crest rolls in. When we were first married living on a beautiful river was fun and exciting. 12 years and 40+ floods later (no exaggeration, I’ve kept track) the fun is gone. I can’t wait to move someplace where I’m not looking over my shoulder every time it rains.
Starting the day off with Escudo and then moving onto a bowl of Erinmore Flake today. It's supposed to get up to 50F later, so maybe that'll set the mood for a blend I haven't smoked in a while.
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Speaking of warm weather, I love GH Cherry Cream and Grasmere Flakes in the Spring and Summer. This coming season I'll have plenty too. @Flakesmoker - GH Brown Flake Vanilla sounds delicious. As far as I know we've never had it available here, but it sure sounds tasty. Somewhat recently, I tried BF Licorice and that was a big hit. Although come to think of it, I've yet to find a GH flake I didn't like!
I picked up a few oz.'s a while back from Smoking Pipes.com which I'd forgotten. It's a good smoke, while the Vanilla flavouring isn't over the top.
It mixes very well with a little bit of Top Black Cherry. Yeah.... GH&Co. flakes rock. :thumb-yello:


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Tuesday/Wednesday, was too involved in the box of snuff that had arrived. Got too late in the day both days, and instead of overdoing it on nicotine, I just stuck with snuff. Thursday, though, I had a midday bowl of Haunted Bookshop in the Old England 59, and it was very very good. I like to have a pipe every day, but it can be really great coming back after a couple days off. I'll see what happens when I get home later this morning, whether I go back to the usual or if it's just snuff snuff snuff for the next couple days. Still not sure which way I'll go...
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