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What Are You Smoking, March 2019

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I chose an old Marxman made no later that 1953 for my first-ever taste of Father Dempsey.

My first impression is that it's a really, really solid, tasty, all-day blend, and I expect it to become a good alternative...a nice, lighter contrast...to my heavier rotation of Nightcap, Byzantium and Star of the East (the latter also being new to me).

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Not for nuthin, but do you think P&W 400 or GLP Odyssey would scratch your Nightcap itch?


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Work is done for this afternoon. I'll do more later on. Going to relax with a bowl of MacBaren Virginia Flake in a straight smooth patent era 1952 Dunhill Bruyere ODA apple 806 B124 with a black vulcanite tapered stem. Ice eta and bergs is my drink.
I am sure this has been asked Jim but how many pipes do you have?
Stuck at work, won't be able to light up until ~11pm...everyone else enjoy one for me :)


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Just finished a bowl of Storm Front in a MM Country Gentleman started on the patio. In a rare stroke of luck it started raining really hard right *after* I rolled out the bin for trash day. That may use up all my "luck" for today.
I did that once, on a Saturday morning. The trash pickup was Friday.
Made a bowl of Voodoo Queen vanish. No chickens were harmed. I'm slowly figuring this mixture out; it seems to have more subtlety than I expected, and bowl size seems to play a significant role. I dunno if I'm learning more about what I enjoy in tobaccos or if my palate is being refined or what, but it seems like I can appreciate flavors that I wouldn't have even noticed when I started over with pipes after my extended sabbatical. I'd've never ever dreamed that I'd develop an enthusiasm for perique - enthusiasm may be too delicate a term - or that I would actually enjoy dfk (which is still @WalkinStick 's fault). My meager cellar won't age fast enough & I'll never have the tobacco budget I think I need, but those, I suspect, are problems I share with many of my piping brethren.
Light sweet Colombian joins the Queen and me on this second expedition, the PSF2018POY leading the way.
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