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What Are You Smoking, March 2019

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Cheating on MMM again... 😔

PA and Comoy Navy Flake (with a little black cav in the bottom half... Shh) in an awesomely ugly Everyman sitter that looks like a tree stump. Drinking Busch NA and watching Yojimbo again for the first time in years.
Sounds good to me. I love Yojimbo, and all of Kurosawa's Japanese films. Enjoy!

Haha @WalkinStick - Ive told you once and I'll say it again; you've got darn good good taste.

Ozark Wizard

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Slumming with a Missouri Meerschaum burning All Things Being Equal. Water from the well to pair. Did a power bank health check earlier and forgot to reset the timer/clock on the water softener, and the system pumped a lot of salty water in the cistern that made it to the house.

Bleh! Needless to say there was a system flush as well in order. Going to stage the ranch over the weekend for another trip to Republic next week.

darth finster

Well, of course I know him....he's me.
Doing tax carp today so no Steve stare, more a Moo Scowl
Now smoking some GH Rum Flake in a Meer bowled slightly bent Falcon. Perrier to side
Well maybe a Steve stare although it looks more like a ouch my butt hurts, dumb blank stare......oh wait that’s normal. Never mind
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Yeah, Steve.... how's the hip?
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