What Are You Smoking, March 2020?


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Now smoking year 2014 HU Directors Cut in a smooth straight Lane era Charatan Executive Extra Large stretch apple with diagonal channel cuts on the lower right and left of the bowl along with a black vulcanite double comfort stem. This pipe was formerly owned by actor William Conrad. Phone chatting with the fella who gifted me the pipe.


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Thanks....I do love my Beattiejet lighter.... and it only took one relight... Semois blends are so dry they tend to be easy to keep lit
Haha, yeah well as some say they are like a cabbage plant leaf. During the two wars in Britain Baccy was rationed and scarse, so it’s long been claimed an added bulker was dry cabbage leaves mixed and shredded with the Virginia to make it go further..

Nice lighter though.

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Mornin folks. Haven't been posting. Mostly dealing with post-move organizing. And then Thursday morning, a dear friend of 20 years was killed when a box truck ran a light and hit him on his motorcycle. It's a tough loss. Havin some CH/Lane BCA in a cob while stuff keeps poppin into my head that I should talk to Jeff about...then, oh yeah, damn.

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I received 2 tins of MacBaren's Vanilla Flake in the mail yesterday and haven't smoked anything else since. This blend is superb. I find it smokes best in a briar. Been smoking the Vanilla Loose Cut for the past year and now that I've tried the flake version I may have to order a 1 lb box. It burns slower then the loose cut and it's not as sweet. The sweetness can get a bit overwhelming after smoking the loose cut several times a day. Also the flake version smokes cooler, at least for me it does. I will though keep both cuts on hand just for something different now and then.


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Now that I know it's a new month...smoking Carter Hall in a undetermined sandblast German Lovat with w/9mm filter. Talked to some neighbors this morning and they stocked up on groceries (went last night) in case... Sheila has plently of food, I have whiskey and lots of tobacco so we are good for now Shhhhh.