What Are You Smoking, March 2020?

L' ENNEMI INTIME (2007) ,a War movie.
Algeria 1959, here is Captain Berthaut a WWII veteran brutally tortured by Gestapo now fighting the guerillas.

I am smoking Domaine de Lavalette No 8.

Yiasou, Sid! My lovely wife is a first generation Greek American.
That's great, send your wife ''Hairetismata apo thn Patrida'' and don't worry ''Ta skylia den tha perasoun pote ton Evro potamo''. No matter if it's immigrants invasion or Coronavirus or Aliens attack we will resist and fight them, we shall never surrender and if someone asks for our weapons we will reply; ''Molon Lave''.
Back from the grocery store and the crowd was back to "normal", granted still no paper produce, canned soups, dry pasta and rice were scarce or nonexistent. Sheila got everything she needs and same with myself. So a good day so far.
On topic, smoking SWRA in a sandblast db Maigret series pot with 9mm filter and ice water.
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C&D Carolina Red Flake in a Bertram billiard. I confess I wasn’t too crazy about this blend when I first tried it, but took someone’s advice and let it sit in the open tin for a month. Now I find this tobacco has opened up a little bit, and I am able to perceive a little tangy note, along with some fruitiness. The bready note still dominates, and like most C&D Virginia’s, I feel that this is a Virginia that wants to be a Burley when it grows up lol. Overall though, much more enjoyable now that it has had time to breathe! Hope everyone is having a good one!
-Scott E6966A57-8565-4F08-A011-E357F4E21104.jpeg :sneaky: