What Are You Smoking, May 2020?

Tonight I’m settled in with some 1997 Oriental Silk in My Baby; some of my earliest tobacco and my second carve.
It’s gonna be an early morning drive to Austin to help out my older brother. He’d had to hold off on a back surgery due to the Covid. The Wednesday day surgery turned into being admitted for 2 nights: he got out today with a LOT of pain. I’ve always thought he was a woos to pain, but I’m not sure everything went as suspected either.
Early morning drive, and I’ll be insisting to have a consult with the surgeon directly.
Post-op healing from back surgery can be murder...my last was in January and I'm still not healed up fully. My only advice is to not lay about all day; stiff muscles just make it hurt worse. I'll be praying.
My gal decided at midnight to curl the 13-yr-old's hair. Being the nearly normal guy I am I figured I'd stay up and laugh. 15902167827712081056419515286235.jpg Smoking some Dan Tobacco Timm London Blend #1000 (courtesy of @Merk3030 , I think) in a Kaywoodie Fine Line rhodesian (definitely courtesy of @3 Olives ). This bowl definitely doesn't happen without PSD.

Coastal Bend

Get off my lawn.
Good morning. Late start today for me. Of course, it's not like I have any where to go or something to do. On the patio with some SWR in a MM Twain, sipping coffee and kinda watching the local news and weather on a Chromebook.

First thing this morning was a nice note from @snake. He must have noticed I've been smoking Lancer's Slices some lately and I guess he's not. He offered to send me some. Really generous. Thanks, Snake.