What Are You Smoking November 2019?


Former PSF Wizard
Yeah............I did the Principal thing for a couple of years. It was not for me. This is year 36 for me. I am ready to hang it up. I do not like the changes.
37 for me. I totally agree with your change statement. Sometimes I feel like I am herding feral cats and not educating. That's why I keep teaching the paramedic courses at the local community college. Sadly that is changing too.
Time to go fishing
Of course they will bury me with my baseball spikes on. That, I will have to be carried away for.


Figuring out life, one puff at a time.
55 degrees at 1:30pm. Whart?? Such is winter on the gulf coast. And no, I'm not complaining. Haha. Smoking a meatloaf on the grill and about to light up a bowl of C&D Sansepolco in a Missouri Meerschaum Country Gentleman with a Vermont Freehand stem. Water on the side. Dogs are inside, they aren't too sure what this weather is about.