What Are You Smoking, November 2022?

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SHEPARDS PIE Country Squire
I am Thank for this Pipe filled with a great blend today.
Happy Thanksgiving

MY O my this Shepards Pie is excellent.
I Like a Virginia as much as the next guy but this English is Hitting.
I had bought some Shepards a long time ago and cellared some and forgot about it so when I finally dug it out it had some age on it.Relised I was getting low and order some more when it arrived I had a bowel It was good but not nearly as good as my aged stuff.
Shepard Pie is a oustanding smoke that ages very well for any of you English smokers out there.
So now for me I have learned a new fundamental in this game of Pipe smoking When you find a blend you love and you enjoy with some age on it. One must learn the technic of cellering.20221124_114625.jpg20221124_122916.jpg


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Happy Thanksgiving, PSD! 'm smoking LJ Peretti Thanksgiving blend from 2020 from @NorCalR1 in my Andrey Kharitonov tomato while smoking the spare ribs.

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