What Are You Smoking, September 2019?

Between homeschool and cruising TR plotting out my survival strategy I've quite let the day get away from me. The good news is that my gal called from work to say she's bringing dinner home; the bad news is I'd just put some chicken in brine to get started on supper meself.
Ah, well. The chicken can cool its heels in the fridge overnight. Not that my chicken has heels, although that is a distracting visual.
Meantimes there's a lovely bowl of PS LNF smoldering pleasantly away in the Radice fauxboo POY, gifted by the splendidly generous @3 Olives . Some PG Tips - also a gift - keeping everything lubricated.
The last time my gal rearranged furniture (after she proclaimed the previous rearrangement to be the last and final) my end table was replaced with a very generous table that had room for my piperack, lamp, and other necessities. There's also a shelf under the table, and on that shelf I have been in the habit of keeping open tins & jars so I have a decent selection close at hand. Last night I counted up the "close at hand" tobaccos that, while invisible to my gal's eye, are within reach.
Apparently I require ten open tins at any given moment, so that I can find the right tobacco to fit the mood of the moment. Oh, and two on my nightstand, but that's a different story.
I worry that my gal will look under my table one day and conclude that I have more tobacco than I need. Obviously I need a correspondence course on hypnosis.