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What are you Snuffing 2018.


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So my order was slightly goofed up. I did not receive my little tin of cheeta, but I did get an extra big tin of the 6photo coffee kick. I'm pretty bummed about that because I was really looking forward to that one. MR.SNUFF made it right within an hour of emailing them about the mixup. Gave me a voucher for my next purchase and told me to keep the extra 6photo tin.

So far I've tried all 3 of the Bernards. All are fantastic. The tiger was just for giggles to see if it gave me an energy boost. Taste is pretty good, but I do wish it was tobacco. Feels like snorting sugar...i guess it is....anyways the "boost" is minimal if at all. I'm going to try some first thing in the morning before coffee soon.

The zwiefacher and brasil fresco are both FANTASTIC! so full of depth, there like everlasting gobstopers of flavors that just keep evolving over time. I'm sold...

I did try a small bit of the coffee kick as well. Slight menthol off the bat then the taste of a espresso. Long lasting flavor and I even got a little wobble in my head from the nic kick. I think this taste more like coffee than the silver dollar coffee by a long shot.

Up next to try is 6photo gold rush...im excited about this one too!


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Normally I'd be on about how I'm gonna have a nice big pinch of Garrett Scotch when I get home in the morning, but I'm not sure. My nose is more or less plugged, I'm achy and coughing, and it seems this probably isn't allergies. With a kid that just started preschool (who spent the afternoon coughing into my face a couple days ago), I knew it wasn't allergies, but some part of me tries so hard to be optimistic. If I can get air to flow through my nostrils, I will take as much snuff as I can. The big plus is that the snuff will dry me up, if I can just get it up there. We'll see...


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6 photo begum green. This stuff is really really nice. Kinda a weird menthol to start, but quickly fades into a sweetness that is like a white tic tac. Stays around a while too. I'm not sure if it is considered "medicated" but it feels soothing to the nose. Like aloe would on a sunburn almost.

I tried the gold rush last night too. Boy is it intense. Pine and citrus are the two main flavors I can pick out, but there is much more going on as well. It is just crazy strong on flavor. Almost too much id say.


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15367481856181743729537.jpg Bernards Brasil feinst.

My first times doing German snuffs this past week. They are so fluffy, like snowflakes that don't melt. I notice I can do 3x the pinch size as other snuffs with no problem.

This snuff is just great. For me the first taste to notice is pure tobacco, but just slightly fruity and sweet. Very rich smelling. Similar to the way I would describe capitan black. That rich smell changes over to fruity flavors after a short time, but not too quick, and i like that. It reminds me of some dip I used in highschool. Somewhere between Skoal berry blend, and peach. After the fruit dies down, several minuets later...it changes yet again to a slight smokiness.

This snuff is so complex to me. It's different than the Indian style of complex as I get the flavors more layered than all at once. It's wild how different the sent is from when you first sniff it, than 5 minuets later.

My only complaint (if you call it that) is the "drip " amount. It's much more than with other snuffs for me. Mostly in the back and can be harsh at times. But sooo worth it
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