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What are you Snuffing 2019

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Being put to the test today, someone of higher authority in the radiology Dept felt I was ready for solo. So far, so good, but, it's still early and things are slow with the impending snow fall. I mean this with everything I am, thank God for these bullets filled with Motia and Kailash to get me they until 3 this afternoon. Then all I'll be to do is make it back home to "KICK IT". Have a great day all


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It's been a week since I had any snuff. Just didn't feel up to it while I was sick. Think I'll be good to go by this evening. I'm looking forward to it. I take enough Garrett Scotch that it isn't usually noticeably smoky most of the time, but when it's been a week or so, it's almost like "brand new" again. I'll be in the barbecue pit, or at least my nose/brain interface will think so...
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