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What are you Snuffing 2019

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I'll take a little bit of both! Small bumps for me too. Even with the slightest sniff,Cheeta seems to momentarily close my throat. This can might end up lasting me a lifetime. Excellent snuff but man this stuff is finer than moon dust. WHOOOOOx10! Ok I just took a big bump. It's like trying to breath under water. If anybody hasn't tried this yet you owe it to yourself to include some in your next order. I'll be a Cheeta Jedi one day. Hurts so good!
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Well this explains alot.

I've told my redhead nurse wife more times than I can count that were not getting a horse. :doh:
Tell 'er you are the only horse in her life.
WoS's Natural, followed by some Mandarin.
Woo wee did we have weather. I'm waiting on youse to help pick up all the branches.
And yes I was married to a nurse at one point, but I liked dating my eye doctor more. Every time we'd be fooling around she would say 'Is it better like this or better like this. Better like this or like this'.


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Getting a bit daring with the Cheeta and it's showing me it's still the boss. It's like wasabi. It only hurts for a little bit but you always go back for more. All this Ric Flair "WHOOOing " got me remembering that my cousin was a professional wrestler who went by the name of Paul Jones. He was good friends with him. That's him in the middle sitting next to Greg Valentine and the Nature Boy.
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