What are you snuffing April 2021?


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OK, my package Mr. Snuff finally arrived on Monday (when I wasn't home). Right now I am trying some McChrystals Summer Harvest.

Last night I tried some Gawith Hoggarth Special M.

Not sure if I am doing it right...nor am I sure what I should expect?

At present, getting some raspberry notes. No perceptible nic hit as I thought I'd get.

So, how many Snuffers are from the States?
And if from the states, from where are you getting your snuff?

Waiting over 2 months from Mr. Snuff was a long wait. However, with my order, I figure I have enough to last me quite a while.


Peace of the Lord be with you.
I like Special M. I am in Ohio. Normally it is about two weeks. I think things are delayed sometimes due to everything going on. A lot of times I get orders in 9 days or so.


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Summer Harvest is a light raspberry flavored Snuff, but nice to my tastes. Rather light in nicotine. Sam Gawith makes a raspberry Snuff that is very raspberry. Might be a bit stronger.

I'm in the heart of the Ozarks.
I'm in the heart of rural Wisconsin.... living in a parsonage (church owned home), but have a retirement home I purchased with estate funds (and a mortgage) when my dad died 5 years ago - that is up in the north woods of Wisconsin - the 50 minute drive is gorgeous.