What Are You Snuffing August 2019

Super urinal cake delight. AHHHHH

@Serenity, you will know when free shipings here because this thread will go crazy. Heck last time they did it is when we had to break it down to monthly rather than yearly and at about the same time we gained alot of new Snuffer's!!!!
If they're listening, seriously, could we please have a bucket sized can of Kailash? Motia and Crystal Light Sweet Tea.

My blue topped Rubbermaid with the remaining stock of Kailash plus another 20gm can, is making me covet even more. I'm only taking a few pinches daily, enjoying it more as if that were possible with every pinch. I will say though, I'm quite enjoying a 50/50 blend of Original & Genuine with Garrett Scotch, a fantastic medicated smokiness. Enjoying my first day off since returning from vacation. I'll be traveling to Mom's for dinner there will definitely be a pipe burned today in my travels. Happy pinching!
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